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Din overskrift
Din overskrift


Iselin Bast is born the 21th of April in Oslo 1950



1970 - 71     Ecole des Beaux-Arts in France

1971 - 74     The NationalAcademy of Applied Arts and Crafts in Oslo

1974 - 75     Scenographer by The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo

1975 - 76     Free-lance scenographer by the State Theater

1976            From that time worked as a self-employed black-and-white artist, painter     

                    and graphic artist with the techniques, drypoint, etching, softground and lithography

1977            Teaching practice by Centre Grafik, I. Chr. Sørensen in Denmark 

2003            Teaching practice by Akademia Sztuk Pieknych; Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw



1974           A.C. Houens legacy for scenographers

1977                      Scholarship from the Norwegian Culture Counsil

1977           Scholarship from the VestfoldCounty community

1982            Scholarship for establishing from the Brunlanes community

1982           Scholarship for establishing from the Ministry of Cultural and Sciencal Affairs

1987                      Brunlanes Community Culture price

1993           Scholarship from the Larvik community

1993           Vestfold County Artist price

2004           Harriet Backer´s Memorial Foundation



From 1975 until today participated yearly by collective and separate exhibitions around in Norway, and in addition exhibited in:

Sweden , Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Austria, France, Holland, Poland, Spain and USA (:New York and New Orleans)

2002                      Participated by The International Biennial of Pastels in Nowy Sacz in Poland with the

                   pastellpainting titled “Seascape”.

2003                      Participated by The Mini Print International 24 Cadaques in Barcelona in Spain with 4 works titled “Deux Saules”, “Saules de suite”, “Aune” et “La Colombe”



1974                        Acted the artist Dagny Juel Przybyszewska in Peter Watkins film “Edvard Munch”

1981            “Artists for Peace”; a collaboration with the British filmdirector Peter Watkins

1985             “Art for Peace”; a collaboration with the ballad singer Arild Nyquist and the actor

                    Morten Røhrt      

1992                        Worked out “Moja Polska, zobaczyc - pokochac - zachowac (My Poland, discover-see-protect) ”, presented as an exposition in Norway after working as an open-air painter around in Poland

1993            Worked out “My Norway, discover-see-protect - open to nature” shown in an

                        exposition in Muzeum Przyrodnicze in Kazimierz Dolny in Poland

2006            Worked out and arranged ”Chrix Dahl (1906 – 94), a jubilee exhibition”

                    in Edvard Munch´s Studio at Ekely in Oslo





2004                      ”Miedzynarodowy plener malarski”, International Open Air-Artistic Marine Meeting

in Bialogóra, Poland

2005                      ”Miedzynarodowy plener malarski”, International Open Air-Artistic Marine Meeting

in Krokowa, Poland

2006                      “Inter - Winter”, International Open Air-Artistic Marine Meeting

in Bialowieza, Poland

2008                      “Miedzynarodowy plener malarski”, International Open Air-Artistic Marine Meeting

in Bialogóra, Poland





1987 – 2004   Iselin Bast carried on her gallery; Havehuset in Stavern,

for twenty five years. There she exhibited works of other artists,

supplementary to her own works of art.



2006           Having the leadership and teaching in the fine arts by The Visual Section at

                   The Cultural School of  Larvik



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16.09 | 15:41

Les på hjemmesiden min:
Katalog til jubileumsutstillingen 2006.
Der får du god informasjon

16.09 | 11:42

Nei, han var ikke i gang som 18-åring. Bodde og virket på vestkanten, Smestad.
Har du et bilde av et bilde, så kan jeg si mer.OK? Chr. Dahl i studietid.

16.09 | 11:21

Tenker: kan ha stått Christian Dahl på innsending og at det ved feil ble til Christen i katalog. Mye feil rundt HU i NKL. Har han brukt Chrix tidlig studietid?

16.09 | 10:41

Hei Tor Magnus Lundeby,
Chrix(Christian Axel) Dahl .
Debututstilling hos Blomqvist Kunsthandel i Oslo i 1930.
Høstutstillingen jevnlig fra1930 - 74.

Du liker denne siden